honestly running out of potable (drinking) water . . . ?

Are “we” – that’s you and me – and the whole of mankind honestly running out of potable (drinking) water . . . ?


Trusting solely our five senses of touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight all current empirical evidence seems to suggest that indeed the world supply of potable (drinking) water is acutely diminishing and appears to be on course headed for virtual extinction. 


But is it … ?


Contemporary Americans as well as many western Europeans having been educated in institutional situations programmed by multinational “corporations” having been “morphed” and “dumb-down” to fit the new collective are thoroughly resistant to any information or contravening evidence suggesting that potable water may well be inexhaustible. 


But why is that …?


Contemporary man in so-called “advanced” civilizations, such as those reputedly existing in the USA and Western Europe can in religious like manner recite the chemical formula for water as H2O, oblivious to, as well as trained to automatically reject any other attributes or distinguishing characteristics of water, which indigenous peoples of the world claim.


But why are “we” blind to other voices and other views …?


Like rats thoroughly trained and bred to navigate the “maze” established by others, in an acceptable and appropriate manner, “we” are understandably resistant to any information or ideas or views which do not support the belief systems to which we have become accustomed.   We are taught and reinforced to categorically and immediately reject any information or beliefs which conflict with the “word” as laid down for us by others.

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