You can have anything you choose

…You can have anything you choose … IF & WHEN …you are willing to give up the belief that you can’t have it…

...This is not a gimmick or trick … but … read carefully, critically, cautiously the caption above, until it resonates with you as unquestioningly true. Until then you will see and feel there is a hook or trick involved.  There most assuredly is NOT

…. Know what you “choose”…???

How do you go about determining what you “choose”…???

Honestly, this is not intended to be a rhetorical question.

Implicit in choose/choice … it’s solely up to you and you alone.

This task you cannot lay off to another, as many have belatedly discovered.

You – yourself – I – alone – choose/choice make

Welcome to freedom…!!!

Not what you expected….???

Is it…???

What’s missing for you…???

Let me guess.

Where are “they”…???

You know well to whom I refer.

“They”… the ones to whom you likely have always, turned for direction, advice, guidance … who spectacularly influence, and help mold what for you – “choices” – became.

Yea, you can make a huge dramatic production of the “choices” made – blaming, shaming, and pointing a finger at “they.”   They made you “choose” it, you had no choice.   Really…???

This might have a bit of validly during our early infancy and perhaps even up to kindergarten year… but… after that … come on be honest at least with self…???.

I have no doubt even today, you can recite, likely mimicking their tone of voice, the mixed messages, you heard, from parents, siblings, teachers, preachers, friends, neighbors too…

The underbelly of their choices, in many cases, they want you to covet, are do as they say, not as they did

Often “choices” in the moment, made seek solution/resolution, to those annoying requests, from self, made hoping we just keep it from comping back..

Perhaps, the topic of the choice we need make, like a re-occurring bad dream, is still, just there

A ”choice” you made, now move on, knowing always, that another “choice” awaits.

Perhaps the foundation for your “choice” was nourished by:

YES … at church the minister righteously declared … they  … cannot be trusted, they always to kill.

YES …  your sport coach said kick their butts, knock’em on their ass, just win.  Be a winner, not a loser.

YES … at work, the boss declared we cannot trust them, so run them off.

YES … and now our President says … they need to be eliminated, they need to get a job, they have no right to health care, and they have no right to a job. He decrees it is us vs. them, and that, do not forget. 

And to ensure his “choices”  become ours too, America’s communication/tech industry, 24/7 incessantly blasts, TRUMP messages of divide, separate, conquer, isolate, of quickly vanishing “white” control, forever elevating fomenting FEAR.

Are these your “choices” too…???

Or might your “choices” include…???

Unpolluted blue sky and air which replenished life.

Freely running water wherein all manmade chemicals and life threatening ingredients are no more.

Education which enriches the spirit of man with music, literature, poetry, art as well as stimulating the mind to think, to question and demanding truthful answers accepting nothing less.

Where “drones” are utilized to deliver things benefitting life and never bombs destroying homes, limbs, life and land.

Where partaking in sports is encouraged for all for exercise, entertainment and opportunity to communicate and interact.

Where, if your life ambition is “professional” sports to be, you will be OK financially, but make no more than our teachers make … as theirs shall be the highest.

Where our time and talents are utilized, by choice, to enhancing life for self and others.

If these be your “choics” … know, believe, understand and accept, you and I can have that … IF & WHEN.. we willing give up the belief, we can’t…

Yes, “we” can make our CHOICES come alive..

Aren’t all our “choices” actually pre-ordained – -arranged…???

So, are “we” actually performing anything or is this just another sham…???


And knew that we must constantly assess, is it a “choice” or a “need,” and the difference is…???   That difference is solely yours to be resolved.

That obstacle you face, is for you, to get out of your own way, and stop sabotaging yourself.   Easier said than done, or it would have accomplished it long ago.


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