..If this is what we believe then we have a dictatorship…

..If this is what we believe then we have a dictatorship…

‘Ludicrous’: Critics Slay New Memo Claiming Trump Above the Law

By Jon Queally, Common Dreams

Under this legal argument, warned one lawmaker, the president "could shoot a federal employee on 5th Ave and still not be able to be indicted, or even subpoenaed." READ MORE»


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  1. No, I’m afraid it’s a theocracy. Donald thinks he is a god. Donald has started a new religion. His fans are people of faith. They believe the unbelievable with no proof and follow him, what ever he does. They listen to his tweeted sermons and believe him. He holds rallies so that his fans can worship him. They too believe he is God, and they do worship him. He gains strength from their worship. Sadly, Evangelical Christian leaders have jumped on his bandwagon. Apparently, it doesn’t matter what religion they support as long as they rake in the cash, perks or power that they crave.

    Since 85% of Republican voters have joined the Church of Donald, they will vote to support Donald’s dogma. Republican lawmakers are afraid of the new god and the new religion. Fanatics can’t be swayed by logic, empathy or goodness. However, his acolytes (lawyers) can throw out new dogma for the faithful. A new bead for the rosary.

    Republican leaders are afraid that they will be voted out if they are shown to be heretics to the Church of Donald. Apparently job security is more important to them then the integrity of the United States.

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