In the chaos of these times, it is easy to be “discouraged”… Know you are always at choice to resonate as…light…

image…In the chaos of these times, it is easy to be “discouraged”… Know you are always at choice to resonate as…light


Overwhelmingly current popular forms of mass communication and information dissemination, as they are corporate owned, created to produce profit$$, only, provide a diet to sanction the validity of the force of their control.

They choose to minimize, or never admit to you …that you are always at choice as to what you believe and see as true…in all information or data provided.

Selling you on discouragement tightens their grip on the reality you see and feel, in time, you see and feel only what they sanction.

Since 20 January 2017 … the decree is whatever and whenever Trump speaks … it is truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth … no matter how incredulous it sounds … or flies in the face of overwhelming “vetted” evidence to the contrary…


Since 20 January 2017 … what Trump has accomplished is to open to the light of day the degree the separateness heretofore hidden just beneath the surface…

Trump’s style makes him “poster-child,” the prefect catalyst allowing us to fixate on those aspects of America society … WE … do not choose to honestly own … the bad … the ugly…


Racism … misogyny… pedophilia… rape  … molestation … violence … gun proliferation & tolerance for their use … “alternative fact” … fake news …  wealth inequality … gender inequality … exploitation of “others” by drones controlled by our military for benefit of corporate profit$$$$ …control of news dissemination … are now everyday items of “news” slickly delivered to us by carefully manipulated “talking heads” and  Presidential press-sectaries…

Unfortunately … as WE lack a vibrant legitimate “investigative” press …and lack an honest “vetting” process … and lacking authentic “buy-in” on to educate to achieve the above … we truly do not know how to decipher shit from apple butter…

Tragically many Americans choose to resort to allowing themselves to be led by the “fear” purposefully created to exercise as well as strengthen control over our thoughts and actions.

…BUT … remember YOU voluntarily give sanction to them and allow them to exercise and maintain control over you…

Whatever discouragement you feel … you need remember it is solely you that chose it … You can choose differently…!!!

So what’s stopping you … from walking a different path…???

“You can only be afraid of what you think you know.” Jiddu Krishnamurti




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