Thomas Paine penned…These are the times that try men’ souls…

Thomas Paine penned…These are the times that try men’ souls…

Do you have any idea what he meant..???

Think it may apply, today, to us..???

Are you at peace with self or does the daily chaos confuse..???

Looking for solid valid answers, or someone to blame…???

These trying times we have allowed, there is no one else to blame.

Scholars, pundits, poets each attempt to establish just “when” this “trying” began, but, united they are not.

Understandably each sees the situation through a totally different set of eyes and diverse perspective, and so it is with each of us.

Likely we may never … united… achieve a date certain in time

Left to establish for “each” just when a “light” when on and the “trying” began

Know when the “trying” began for you…???

Is it still there today, or has it gone away…???

If gone, with what, replaced…???

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