The “right” water solution cannot be obtained when one of the primary parties is continuously not provided a legitimate seat at the table for any WATER conversation

..The “right” water solution cannot be obtained when one of the primary parties is continuously not provided a legitimate seat at the table for any WATER conversation…

…Yes… that’s you and me … the public…


June 6, 2018




Finding solutions to the water rights fight

Sarah Porter, director of Morrison Institute’s Kyl Center for Water Policy at ASU, was a guest on Arizona Horizon and spoke about the Gila adjudication water rights to pump and divert water not only from the Gila River but all of its tributaries as well.

What started as a fight over surface water rights evolved to include subflow zones, which are areas where a well is pumping water that would otherwise make its way to a river.

"It might be the most complicated court case in history," Porter said. "I think that very complication is one of the reasons why it’s not very well known, not nearly as well known as it should be."

The Kyl Center’s mission is to highlight creative solutions to the adjudication that will hopefully result in an increase in settlements. Porter says a report will be coming out that includes a solution set of ideas.


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SEE: Gila adjudication lawsuit negotiates nearly 60,000 competing water rights claims


remark does not promote world peace

…Even if true this type of inflammatory remark does not promote world peace … but … TRUMP does not want peace…

Kim Jong Un ‘begged’ for summit ‘on his hands and knees,’ says Trump’s personal lawyer


callous disregard for human

clip_image002…Difficult for me to believe that anyone would so quickly outdo the callous disregard for human life that “W” Bush displayed as he turned his back on New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina … but … TRUMP surpassed both Sept 11 and Katrina in the first year of his watch…


clip_image003STORYJUN 06, 2018

Naomi Klein: 4,645 Deaths in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria Were “State-Sponsored Mass Killing”


can meekly submit to a dictatorship

…If true then we have our work cut out for us providing we want a representative democracy or we can meekly submit to a dictatorship…the ball is in our hands…so what do we want…???

The Trump administration is preparing to release a sweeping plan for reorganizing the federal government that includes a major consolidation of welfare programs — and a renaming of the Health and Human Services Department.

The report, set to be released in the coming weeks by the White House OMB, seeks to move safety-net programs, including food stamps, into HHS, two sources with knowledge of the plan told POLITICO. The plan would also propose changing the name of the sprawling department, while separately seeking cuts at USAID and the State Department.

The biggest changes outlined by the White House are unlikely to be implemented because moving multibillion-dollar programs and renaming federal departments generally require congressional action. But the plan, like the president’s annual budget, demonstrates the administration’s thinking on a range of domestic policy issues. It also offers a strong political selling point for the Trump White House as it tries to burnish an image of an administration dedicated to conservative principles and smaller government.

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Trump Is ‘Obsessed’ with Pardons—And Top Aides Are ‘Disturbed’ by His Deliberation Process: Report

By Cody Fenwick, AlterNet

Trump has clearly become even more enthusiastic about his pardon power in recent weeks. READ MORE»


With the express permission and blessings

clip_image002…With the express permission and blessings of our Governor Doug Ducey … our state legislature … the Koch Bro$ whose “dark$$$$” bought control of Arizona…


Call Arizona Fish & Game, they can declare a hunting season on coyotes in your neighborhood

clip_image002…Call Arizona Fish & Game, they can declare a hunting season on coyotes in your neighborhood….

…They love to KILL…