salve the ego of the megalomaniac

image Washington civil servants, drafted into the role of crisis actors to salve the ego of the megalomaniac in chief.


Civil Servants Masquerade As Eagles’ Fans As Trump’s Counter-ProgrammingSnub Turns Into Fiasco


ursulafaw  …….Community/……2018/06/05 · 16:20\


Donald Trump’s fee fees got hurt after the Philadelphia Eagles informed him that only a few representatives of the club would be coming to the White House to meet him. Trump processed this information maturely and decided to publicly un-invite the Eagles last night, and do a piece of counter-programming on the White House lawn this afternoon, claiming that all the Eagles’ “fans” were still invited. The purported fans who showed up were actually staffers from the White House and the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, according to an email obtained by ABC News. The entire event lasted seven minutes, wherein Trump bragged about himself and didn’t even mention the Eagles to their alleged fans. Meanwhile the Eagles have been warmly invited elsewhere by other, real public servants — and twitter called Trump out on his lies about who really attended the “Celebration of America.”


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