Are the rats are deserting a sinking ship…???

image…Are the rats are deserting a sinking ship…???

Something is afoot: Trump’s shedding key GOP lawmakers on his ‘spy’ lie


Kerry Eleveld Daily Kos Staff2018/06/06 · 18:43

When spineless Paul Ryan split with Donald Trump Wednesday on his lie that the FBI embedded a “spy” in his campaign, it stood out as a noteworthy departure from Ryan’s usual complicity with Trump’s every whim. But when two more GOP lawmakers joined Ryan in backing Gowdy’s assessment the same day, it seemed beyond coincidental.

Retiring GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy kicked off the trend last week, saying the FBI’s actionsduring the 2016 election were perfectly appropriate. Ryan followed his lead Wednesday morning and by day’s end, Gowdy would score two more Republican backers: Florida Rep. Tom Rooney and chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Richard Burr.

Rooney, who is retiring alongside Gowdy and Ryan and sits on the House Intelligence panel, was especially pointed in his criticism of Trump. Politico writes:


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