difficult to beat even given the poor job

…Ducey with the Koch Bro$ “dark$$$$” will be difficult to beat even given the poor job Ducey has done as Governor for Koch’s Arizona…!!!

With AZ Ranked Badly by Many Measures, Democrats Can Beat Governor Ducey


Posted on  by David Gordon

Most people familiar with moral fairy tales are well versed with the Three Little Pigs fable. In it, the wolf is able to blow down two of the pigs’ houses because they are made of either straw or sticks but is unable to wreck the third one because it is made of bricks.

Apply this tale to conditions in Arizona after three and a half years of Doug Ducey and people will find that the foundations of his house are built on straw and sticks rather than bricks. It would only take a strong problem-solving progressive Democrat one puff to blow this house down and build a new foundation that will better address Arizona’s needs.

Doug Ducey’s Arizona

In Doug Ducey’s Arizona, the state ranks:

§  33rd overall in the list of best-managed states, according to USA Today. In the Southwest region, only New Mexico ranked worse.

§  39th overall, according to U.S. News and World report, as the best state in the country. Within that ranking, Arizona received sub-rankings in several areas. These include being ranked:


§  43rd in Education

§  24th in Health Care

§  45th in Providing Opportunity

§  38th in Crimes and Corrections

§  34th in Fiscal Stability

§  39th in Quality of Life

§  41st in Safety on a separate report.

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