Whiny Trump Cuts Short G-7Early

Petulant, Whiny Trump Cuts Short G-7Early, France Effectively

Declares U.S. Irrelevant

Dartagnan  ….Community …..2018/06/08 · 04:31

It must have been all the big words.

WASHINGTON — The White House said President Donald Trump will cut short his visit with the Group of Seven economic powers in Canada this weekend, announcing that he would to leave the summit early after sparring with other world leaders on the issue of trade.

By leaving after a session on women’s empowerment on Saturday morning, Trump will skip meetings on climate change, energy policy and oceans.

It’s no surprise he’s skipping the session on climate change and energy policy. He’d be laughed right out of the room. On camera, at that.

And that’s the real reason for this tantrum. The last thing Trump wants is the optics of being lectured by someone who actually knows what he’s talking about.


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