It is no longer a “lie” it is now just a “mistake” … what Trump before branded “fake” news is now a “mistake”….

…It is no longer a “lie” it is now just a
“mistake” … what Trump before branded “fake” news is now a “mistake”….

Rudy Giuliani says no one lied about the Trump Tower meeting with Russia, it was just ‘a mistake’


Mark Sumner  ….Daily Kos Staff…..2018/06/06 · 08:40

He wasn’t involved. He knew, but he didn’t write it. He weighed in, but he didn’t dictate it. He dictated it. "I swear to God, it was a mistake."

On Monday, Trump attorney Rudy Giulani told CNN that the statement regarding Donald Trump’s involvement in dictating an excuse for why his campaign staff met with Russian operatives in Trump Tower was “a mistake.”

What Giuliani appears to be claiming is not that Trump made a mistake in dictating the letter, or that previous White House officials and Trump surrogates made a mistake in covering up Trump’s connection to the statement. What Giuliani is disavowing is a statement included in the letter sent by Trump’s legal team to special counsel Robert Mueller.

That letter, contents from which were released by the New York Times over the weekend, included an admission that Donald Trump had dictated, while on Air Force One, the excuse that Donald Trump Jr. provided when the story broke. But Guiliani didn’t just deny that Trump was involved in drafting the statement originally released by his son. Giuliani denied the letter drafted by the members of Trump’s legal team—a team to which he supposedly belongs.

Giuliani also said he only agre


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