On our watch there is something brewing

imageOn our watch there is something brewing

It appears we know not what and perhaps we do not care, but should, we…???

There has always, somewhere been a pot, simmering, brewing all America’s apparent unrelated, contradictory issues, hopes, ideals, goals, beliefs and thoughts.  

We just did not know not where, or even care.

But, it appears now we do…

Or at least a few are willing to test what power their “voice” may have…

As they dare investigate just what’s in this brewing pot, left unattended for so long…certainly unattended on our watch, our attention carefully crafted to attentively look elsewhere…

And like the malleable puppets we have become, dutifully we complied…

Caught very much by surprise in November of 2016 … at least a overwhelming surprise to many

… we elected a man our President promising to “drain the swamp” … make America Great Again … and to bring about – – change – – and that he has in spades accomplished … change that is … the swamp is now overflowing and for making America Great Again, well that’s your call, which likely depends upon which side of the 1% you are…

In bringing about CHANGE in the process our President reveals the contents brewing in this cauldron long devoid of our sight, thought and action.

The revelations have been stark, quick, at times harshly revealed, challenging many of the beliefs we have for so long clung to as “rights” … as well as opening festering unresolved wounds of racism, homophobia, sexual assault, pedophilia, who decides who lives, who dies…

The manner in which our current President governs is such a radical departure from that we found familiar many, perhaps, most find themselves reeling shaking their heads, wringing their hands wondering just what going on … what the hell did he just say…???


When peering into a brewing cauldron one never knows what might be seen, revealed, made clear or increasingly more confused.  That’s the chance we take for the opportunity to be challenged, exposed to the unknown, the good, the bad, the ugly, the cruel, the beauty, that which we declare to be positive and that which we find negative and reject.

George Lucas, in his Star Wars, movies gave us the “force” and its two sides, the benevolent and its counter part … “dark side” … its perverse underbelly…

America and Americans should be grateful that the man we elected President has so expediently, efficiently exposed to us Americas “dark” underbelly we have so long chosen to turn our head so as never to see, witness, acknowledge… but now, no longer can we avoid…


Where to begin … depending upon the color of one’s skin the education America provides today remains largely devoid of “color” consisting of a perspective wherein “white” thought prevails, controls, deemed almost universally justified, no matter the subject, issue, topic…

Thanks to the manner in which our current President chooses to “label” and demean anyone who dares challenge him, the color of one’s skin is less important as … white… an “animal” he can be labeled, too.


Examining the subject of history … especially American history … WHITE … prevails, always, and nearly always justified no matter how horrific debasing the action taken for white power to subdue all those who dare to challenge.

In 2018 making America great again for TRUMP is to make WHITE supreme … in a world where increasingly there is a “blending” of color and the dominate emerging color is NOT white…!!!

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