How do you know when you crossed that magic line…???

image…How do you know when you crossed that magic line…???

As read the accounts of those alleging conduct against any individual, regardless of sex, it almost always strikes me that, that fine line describing appropriate common courtesy has been perceived to have been violated. Then if, the accounts of male conduct are all true, then the conduct males extend to females is unconscionable…

But, before I pass sentence and have all males, shot or neutered, we might take moment to assess how this reality was fostered…???

As a 75 year old male I can vividly recall seeing male movie star of my youth, John Wayne, Clark Gable, feeling an attraction of some sort towards a female, in many cases wordlessly reach out and grab the women planting a passionate kiss on her lips, which was usually sufficient to them melt in his arms.   And, as I recall in most cases the audience, men and women, approved.  Or as I now determine there was the assumption of approval as there was no audible “push-back” from the audience.  

These repetitive actions on the part of Hollywood’s leading men, lacking any

audible “push-back” from any source, likely influenced the manner in which men assumed they too could interact with women.  This statement is not meant to justify men’s actions towards women, merely add a bit of light to understanding to one possible origin… 

For millennia males have, likely by virtue of size and strength exercised dominating power over all women’s actions.

In 2018 it appears that women have virtually universally said … ENOUGH … NO MORE … NEVER AGAIN…

Get over it men, it’s a new paradigm so get over any feeling you are entitled to dominate, intimidate, harass or assault any FEMALE anywhere…

Can one always… RESIST… a pivotal question we need ask, is THIS, true today…???

image…Can one always… RESIST… a pivotal question we need ask, is THIS, true today…???


…Perhaps it need be clearly, unmistakably expressed, what “we” learned in school, or should have learned, is, pursuant to the intent of the framers of our Declaration of IndependenceOur Constitution and our Bill of Rights … the right to protest (resist) is guaranteed and available to you and me…

.. .As the seasons of 2017 pass into history they usher in increasing degrees of residence to the TRUMP Presidency and the man himself.

The genesis of this residence comes not from Congress but is birthed by “we” – the people – whose sense of humanity is devalued daily by the individual “we” elected allegedly to serve & to protect us.

 A question obstinately lingers … just how did TRUMP get elected as our President…??? 

Political experts from all colors of persuasion have postulated, discussed as well as cussed supposedly over every nook and cranny respecting TUMP’S election… without achieving consensus.

Admittedly for many the choice offered to the American voters in November 2016 was either a headache or a stomachache.  Either way you’re going out find it painful.  Both Clinton and Trump carried a lot of baggage, both proved untruthful, both support incredibly huge egos, both failed to honestly connect with the “common” American, though both claimed to champion their cause.

TRUMP’s camp and handers found and latched onto a “hot-button” latent in many WHITE Americans.   An issue thought to be lessening its fervor.   Tensions in many American cities, rose dramatically during campaign season, galvanizing around an issue which has plagued America since first stepping foot on Plymouth Rock… race…

Patently blatant … today… centering especially on Black Americans.    And this on the heels of America having elected its first non-white as President … i.e. Barack Obama … BUT… making sure WHITE tie his hands by electing a Congress swearing oaths that Obama would accomplish NOTHING as they pledge to OBSTRUCT everything he proposes.

The “killing” of “black” citizens especially by police/ law enforcement ratcheted up vitriolic rhetoric providing TRUMP with a wedge issue he rides triumphantly to the White House.

That “race” is not dormant and remains a front burner issue is evidenced by the “atta-boy” accolades TRUMP’s action receive over his action taken against all those of “color” …“brown” …  religion …Muslins and more recently and the LGBT community.

Am aurora of “white supremacy” permeates our corporate news outlets as they laden our print publications and internet with video and photos of white Americans stridently raising their arm flashing the fiendish Nazi “Sieg Heil” salute…

Is this the direction WE want America to pursue…???

This is hardly a surprise as TRUMP and his GOP minions have vowed to destroy ACA/Obamacare…

…This is hardly a surprise as TRUMP and his GOP minions have vowed to destroy ACA/Obamacare…

The ACA Is Under Fire Again

The Trump administration announced Thursday it would not defend the Affordable Care Act in court against a lawsuit filed last year by 20 states.

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And this action on Tramp‘s part is supposed to make America great again…???

And this action on Tramp‘s part is supposed to make America great again…???

Trump accuses Canadian leader of being ‘dishonest’ and ‘weak’

Rancor toward Trudeau after G-7 summit leaves U.S. allies dismayed.

By Damian Paletta and Joel Achenbach  •  Read more »



Trump, White House advisers blast Canada’s Trudeau in brutal aftermath of G-7 summit

Larry Kudlow said it’s really about North Korea: “Kim must not see American weakness.” Separately, Peter Navarro intensified the pushback.

By Damian Paletta and Joel Achenbach  •  Read more »

TRADING BARBS President Donald Trump blasted the European Union and Canada Monday, tweeting that “we cannot let our friends, or enemies, take advantage of us on trade anymore.” The tirade came in the wake of a contentious G-7 meeting, which ended with the release a communique on trade that Trump refused to support. Trump’s new antagonist is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who White House advisers lashed Sunday, taking their lead from Trump who a day earlier called him “very dishonest and weak.” [Reuters] [Tweet | Share on Facebook]


…Think about it … money $$$$ … is nothing but paper in which WE choose to believe has value so we trust it … our global economy rest solely on trust that we choose to continue to believe the “paper” has value … Does it

…Think about it … money $$$$ … is nothing but paper in which WE choose to believe has value so we trust it … our global economy rest solely on trust that we choose to continue to believe the  “paper” has value … Does it…???

Is the Global Economy Just a Giant Debt Scam? Here’s What the Financial Elite Doesn’t Want You to Know

By Andrew O’Hehir, Salon

Leftist academic Yanis Varoufakis saw power up close. He says capitalism is dead, democracy is crumbling and we’re ruled by debt READ MORE»


Is there no end to Trump’s ego and to his incessant intimidation…???

…Is there no end to Trump’s ego and to his incessant intimidation…???

Over the weekend, Trump declared an autocracy

Mark Sumner  Daily Kos Staff    2018/06/04 · 06:25

On Saturday, the New York Times published information from a letter that had been sent by Trump’s attorneys to the special counsel’s office. In the letter, Trump’s legal team asserted not just that Trump can’t be prosecuted for obstruction, but that it’s impossible for Trump to obstruct—because Trump has the ability to nip any investigation in the bud. And should Trump not act quickly enough to prevent the start of an investigation, he can always act retroactively by pardoning anyone caught up in its findings.

Under this interpretation, Trump need not respond to a request for an interview by the special counsel. Or a subpoena from the grand jury. Or … anything at all. He is utterly exempt from legal actions.

If reporting around the letter seemed most focused on Trump’s ability to shrug off the Russia investigation, Trump’s principle public representative on these matters, Rudy Giuliani, went forth over the weekend to clarify the limits of Trump’s legal authority. What Giulani made clear is … there aren’t any. The interpretation of the White House is that Trump is not only immune from providing testimony, but based on a conversation Giulani held with the Huffington Post, Trump is completely above legal recourse. So far above it that he can do anything he wants.

“In no case can he be subpoenaed or indicted,” Rudy Giuliani told HuffPost Sunday, claiming a president’s constitutional powers are that broad. “I don’t know how you can indict while he’s in office. No matter what it is.”

Giulani made it clear that Trump could have shot James Comey, rather than firing him, and it still couldn’t have led to an indictment. This may sound similar to the statement that Trump made during the campaign about his ability to “stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody,” but there’s a critical difference. That first statement from Trump was an expression of his belief that his supporters were with him, no matter what. The new statement is a declaration of something that’s not just anti-American, but exceeds the authority of most monarchs. For centuries.

Trump isn’t looking back to some “originalist” perception of the power of the executive. He’s looking at his friends. Like Rodrigo Duterte. Like Recep Erdoğan. Like Kim Jong-un. Like Vladimir Putin. And like them, he’s declaring that he’s more than just a titular leader. His power is without bounds.


I hope this is NOT true…

…I hope this is NOT true…

Thousands of children in the UK Foster Care System are being sold to pedophile rings


According to a growing number of reports, thousands of children are simply disappearing from the UK Care System (the equivalent of the “Foster Care” system in the U.S.) every year, and what is said to be happening to them is too awful to contemplate.On May 7, 2018, an article published in The Independent, titled Hundreds more children ‘farmed out’ to care homes miles from where they live despite pledge to cut number, reported that the number of children in the UK who were being sent …
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