Can one always… RESIST… a pivotal question we need ask, is THIS, true today…???

image…Can one always… RESIST… a pivotal question we need ask, is THIS, true today…???


…Perhaps it need be clearly, unmistakably expressed, what “we” learned in school, or should have learned, is, pursuant to the intent of the framers of our Declaration of IndependenceOur Constitution and our Bill of Rights … the right to protest (resist) is guaranteed and available to you and me…

.. .As the seasons of 2017 pass into history they usher in increasing degrees of residence to the TRUMP Presidency and the man himself.

The genesis of this residence comes not from Congress but is birthed by “we” – the people – whose sense of humanity is devalued daily by the individual “we” elected allegedly to serve & to protect us.

 A question obstinately lingers … just how did TRUMP get elected as our President…??? 

Political experts from all colors of persuasion have postulated, discussed as well as cussed supposedly over every nook and cranny respecting TUMP’S election… without achieving consensus.

Admittedly for many the choice offered to the American voters in November 2016 was either a headache or a stomachache.  Either way you’re going out find it painful.  Both Clinton and Trump carried a lot of baggage, both proved untruthful, both support incredibly huge egos, both failed to honestly connect with the “common” American, though both claimed to champion their cause.

TRUMP’s camp and handers found and latched onto a “hot-button” latent in many WHITE Americans.   An issue thought to be lessening its fervor.   Tensions in many American cities, rose dramatically during campaign season, galvanizing around an issue which has plagued America since first stepping foot on Plymouth Rock… race…

Patently blatant … today… centering especially on Black Americans.    And this on the heels of America having elected its first non-white as President … i.e. Barack Obama … BUT… making sure WHITE tie his hands by electing a Congress swearing oaths that Obama would accomplish NOTHING as they pledge to OBSTRUCT everything he proposes.

The “killing” of “black” citizens especially by police/ law enforcement ratcheted up vitriolic rhetoric providing TRUMP with a wedge issue he rides triumphantly to the White House.

That “race” is not dormant and remains a front burner issue is evidenced by the “atta-boy” accolades TRUMP’s action receive over his action taken against all those of “color” …“brown” …  religion …Muslins and more recently and the LGBT community.

Am aurora of “white supremacy” permeates our corporate news outlets as they laden our print publications and internet with video and photos of white Americans stridently raising their arm flashing the fiendish Nazi “Sieg Heil” salute…

Is this the direction WE want America to pursue…???

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