How do you know when you crossed that magic line…???

image…How do you know when you crossed that magic line…???

As read the accounts of those alleging conduct against any individual, regardless of sex, it almost always strikes me that, that fine line describing appropriate common courtesy has been perceived to have been violated. Then if, the accounts of male conduct are all true, then the conduct males extend to females is unconscionable…

But, before I pass sentence and have all males, shot or neutered, we might take moment to assess how this reality was fostered…???

As a 75 year old male I can vividly recall seeing male movie star of my youth, John Wayne, Clark Gable, feeling an attraction of some sort towards a female, in many cases wordlessly reach out and grab the women planting a passionate kiss on her lips, which was usually sufficient to them melt in his arms.   And, as I recall in most cases the audience, men and women, approved.  Or as I now determine there was the assumption of approval as there was no audible “push-back” from the audience.  

These repetitive actions on the part of Hollywood’s leading men, lacking any

audible “push-back” from any source, likely influenced the manner in which men assumed they too could interact with women.  This statement is not meant to justify men’s actions towards women, merely add a bit of light to understanding to one possible origin… 

For millennia males have, likely by virtue of size and strength exercised dominating power over all women’s actions.

In 2018 it appears that women have virtually universally said … ENOUGH … NO MORE … NEVER AGAIN…

Get over it men, it’s a new paradigm so get over any feeling you are entitled to dominate, intimidate, harass or assault any FEMALE anywhere…

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