ask yourself one question…

image….Whenever you see or read of about any conversation, discussion, meeting, study about any aspect of WATER ask yourself one question…

…Was there an authentically designated seat at this table for “US” … that’s you & me (we the people) … I bet Vegas will give 10O to l odds there was not…

…The question NEVER asked or answered is WHY is there NOT a designated seat for us…???


Pros and cons: Understanding the trade-offs of alternative water supplies

More water utilities than ever are looking at diversifying their water supply portfolios using “alternative supply strategies,” such as onsite reuse, wastewater reuse, seawater/brackish groundwater desalination, and conservation to meet future demands.

But what is there to better understand and hopefully anticipate before implementing a given approach?

We need your input! The Water Research Foundation is conducting a study to help utilities identify the trade-offs (benefits and risks) of incorporating alternative water supplies into their water supply portfolios for greater reliability.


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