At least in Arizona, we have evolved to the point where we have a process which not only allows but encourages attaining closure, without the need to provide, full, open, honest, timely disclosure.  From pages taken directly from Hitler’s Nazi play-book utilizing the “big-lie,” now aided by “whiz-bang-computer-morphing-techno-stuff” the illusions and mirages created are simply amazing.  Words uttered today, by tomorrow are delivered to us by corporate controlled mass media as fact, by the following day, if deemed “PC” (politically correct) – the truth. 


In two areas vital, critical and life-altering arenas – air and water – we have cautiously while insidiously been lead down a path purporting, to obtain legal closure, even in the face of an increasing “brown” cloud overhead our “air” is safe, while on the other hand with concealed infusion of more than 271 million pounds of pharmaceuticals into our surface and subsurface aquifers our “water” is safe, so drink up. 


Making time to contemplate the implications contained in the word – DISCLOSE – one finds to disclose implies … to reveal, to unveil, to divulge, to release and to make known. In a viable representative democracy, disclosure is a mandatory function on the part of government to enable its citizens to make fully informed decisions.  I submit usual and customary usage of the word disclosure in the above context has an associative command, i.e., it is imperative upon government it always and unequivocally provide full, open, honest, timely information to its citizens, withholding nothing. 


One could make the argument disclosure as implied is at best – fiction – an unattainable, perhaps even unrealistic expectation.  One could make the argument that for modern government to function, it needs the ability to withhold information from its citizens, in the interest of national security for example.   If that be the argument, I submit, there is a compelling need to define as thoroughly while as narrowly as possible precisely what constitutes national security.   Since the founding of our nation to present day, national security has morphed into national interest, which in turn has morphed into what’s good for corporate America.  Coupled with the phenomenal technological advancements in communications, electronics, computers, etc., the ability to manipulate via propaganda has likewise advanced exponentially.  


Distance and time, once obstacles to communicating intention and therefore hindrance to disclosure exist no longer in an era of instant information via the World Wide Web.  The amount of information available it may be stated, is literally overwhelming.   

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