Fact, Fiction, Illusion … Why do “we” believe….?

Fact, Fiction, Illusion … Why do “we” believe….?


At any point in your life were you granted permission to openly challenge any information presented to you as fact…?   At any point in your life did you grant yourself permission to openly challenge any information presented to you…?   Notice, I ask simply if you were granted permission to challenge information, not attack the individual(s) providing the information…?


In reconstructing my own life, I note at some early point I chose to challenge information provided by others especially that categorized as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 


From infancy forward “we” are asked to summarily accept as fact and as the truth – information – to which we are neither offered nor provided proof.   Oh, yes, we are often told that the proof or the validity of this particular information is based on the observations and conclusions postulated by “learned” individuals.  Depending upon the actual topic anyone holding a contrary belief or choosing to question is quickly held up to ridicule, scorn, public humiliation and intimidation all designed to extract and exert – control.   


In today’s environment information provided is to a large extent – polarized – though skillfully packaged utilizing current technology presented as full, open, honest, timely disclosure on all fronts. 


Moreover what I find interesting is depending upon the topic the parameters utilized to establish – truth/validity – are a function of emotions aroused by the information tending to fluctuate wildly based one’s interpretation of the emotional content of the context of the information presented.  There is not a one size or a one truth standard which fits all topics leaving truth then akin to assessing beauty … established in the eye of the beholder … and therefore highly subjective.

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