Water is always found

Water is always found as long as it is used to increa$e “corporate” bottom line$


IC Potash confirms long-term water supply for New Mexico project


TORONTO (miningweekly.com) – Toronto-listed IC Potash (ICP), developing the Ochoa project in New Mexico, on Tuesday said a water supply study has confirmed an aquifer’s ability to sustainably supply the project’s water needs.

The test successfully demonstrated the desired pumping capacity of two wells drilled earlier this year, and confirmed the aquifer’s suitability to sustainably provide the project with a high-yield, long-term supply of nonpotable, brackish water that would not compete with the surrounding communities’ use of fresh water.

"The success of this aquifer test marks yet another mission-critical milestone in our plan to produce the world’s lowest-cost sulphide of potash from our valuable mining assets in southeast New Mexico,” CEO Sid Himmel said in a statement.

The aquifer test was performed by pumping at a constant rate for seven consecutive days, followed by a recovery period of 23 days, which adequately stressed the aquifer to planned full-production rates to enable the study to describe its characteristics.

He added that the project remained on schedule and on budget, and a bankable feasibility study is expected to be complete by August 31, 2013.

The company’s shares traded at 72 Canadian cents each on Tuesday.


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