would certainly enhance the profit$$$$ of our military

…Adding more KILL strike zones would certainly enhance the profit$$$$ of our military industrial corporate bank$ter$ and likely add more target –rich environments for our drone operators….


The White House wants to relax rules on raids and drone strikes outside of Iraq and Afghanistan, and expand the list of who can be targeted

Thursday, September 21, 2017 8:34 PM EDT


The Trump administration is preparing to dismantle key Obama-era limits on drone strikes and commando raids outside conventional battlefields, according to officials familiar with internal deliberations. The changes would lay the groundwork for possible counterterrorism missions in countries where Islamic militants are active but the United States has not previously tried to kill or capture them.

President Trump’s top national security advisers have proposed relaxing two rules, the officials said. First, the targets of drone strikes and raids, now generally limited to high-level militants deemed to pose a “continuing and imminent threat” to Americans, would be expanded to include foot-soldier jihadists with no unique skills or leadership roles. And second, such proposed strikes by the military and the C.I.A. will no longer undergo high-level vetting.

But administration officials have also agreed that they should keep in place one important constraint for such attacks: a requirement of “near certainty” that no civilian bystanders will be killed.

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