Not lies … in Trump world it’s “alternative fact”…

Not lies … in Trump world it’s “alternative fact”...

Top Republicans flat-out lie about court case to

explain Trump’s brutal family separation policy


Kerry Eleveld  …….Daily Kos Staff……2018/06/14 · 12:18

As tragic reports of Donald Trump’s barbaric family separation policy get traction in the media, Republicans are trying to figure out how they can feign hints of sympathy without actually fixing the problem. In that vein, they are entirely lying about a 1997 settlement in a case called Flores, which set forth minimum standards for detaining unaccompanied minors.

Just to be crystal clear about this: No other administration has interpreted the Flores settlement to mean that kids of parents seeking asylum in the United States must be separated from them. That is absolutely the new and twisted logic of the Trump administration alone. In fact, what they are doing is prosecuting these parents for crossing the border before their asylum claims can be processed.

Nonetheless, House Speaker Paul Ryan lied about Flores Thursday when asked about Trump’s family separation policy


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