This should be America’s official symbol

image…This should be America’s official symbol as it quite accurately reflects the prevailing attitude of all forms of America’s governmental bodies towards those they are presumably designed to serve and to protect…

We allow our governments to treat us like they choose to grow mushroom, keep us in the dark and feed us bullshit 

…And we are getting their bullshit by the bushel 24/7 from all aspects of government … And if that is not sufficient, our presumably “free” press (print, TV, radio, internet) now functions merely as a myth promoting mouth-piece for “dark$$$” interests controlling all 3 branches of our government … legislative … judicial … executive…

…The legitimate interests and needs of the so-called, and labeled, average American, man-in-the-street are unheard, unacknowledged, buried … ‘that’ voice is subdued, muted, blocked, successfully chocked off to deny expression and the possibility it will gain audience and validity…

This “voice” is successfully denied a seat at ALL discussions, conversations, meetings involving water, air, education, law enforcement, prison policy, infrastructure, energy (solar, wind, wave), access to and control of the internet, and that most secret of all … who and how our $$$$$ is controlled and manipulated…???

…Consider this … when mushrooms are exposed to sunlight they produce a product rich in nutritious vitamins and healthful nutrients enriching life…

…Consider this … when WE demand and accept nothing less than a legitimate seat in every discussion
“they” cannot feed
us bullshit…

…So what is stopping us from “demanding” this seat…???

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