WE can STOP this propaganda immediately … END… “dark$$$” … END … “citizens united”…

image...WE can STOP this propaganda immediately … END… “dark$$$” … END … “citizens united”…

Family separation propaganda coming to a TV news show near you, thanks to Sinclair


Laura Clawson Daily Kos Staff  2018/06/21 ·

Notorious propaganda-spreader Sinclair Broadcast Group is at it again. The company is again pushing an outrageous “must-air” segment on all of its stations. In the latest piece, which all 100-plus Sinclair stations will have to run on their news shows, features Trump fanboy Boris Epshteyn attacking the media for being unfair to Trump over his family separation policy.

“Many members of the media and opponents of the president have seized on this issue to make it seem as if those who are tough on immigration are somehow monsters,” Epshteyn says in the segment. “Let’s be honest: While some of the concern is real, a lot of it is politically driven by the liberals in politics and the media.”

Let me stop you right there, Boris. When your definition of being “tough on immigration” is to tear screaming toddlers—even breastfeeding babies—from their parents’ arms, you’re a monster. It’s not really up for debate.

Oh, but he continued. According to Epshteyn, Trump’s executive order represents Trump “working to show that it is possible to balance humanity with security for our borders.” By imprisoning families indefinitely? By not reuniting the thousands of families he’s already torn apart?

And this will run on more than 100 local news broadcasts, because that’s what media consolidation in the hands of right-wing extremists gets you: a huge platform for defending an evil policy opposed by two-thirds of Americans.

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