TRUMP feels he is answerable to no one … He see himself as dictator, imperial king, Fuhrer… …And WE allow it…WHY…???

image…TRUMP feels he is answerable to no one … He see himself as dictator, imperial king, Fuhrer…

…And WE allow it…WHY…???

Donald Trump’s Authoritarian Power-Grab: Due Process is For Wimps

By Heather Digby Parton, Salon

Donald Trump openly craves the kind of power Kim Jong-un wields. Stop telling yourself that he’s joking READ MORE»

How Trump is Quietly Taking Over the Courts

By Robert Reich, AlterNet

Even though much of his legislative agenda has stalled in Congress, Trump is nominating and getting Senate confirmation of judges to the federal bench much faster than previous presidents. READ MORE»

Trump administration bans members of Congress from talking to kids in detention centers


Laura Clawson  Daily Kos Staff   2018/06/20 ·

The Trump administration really doesn’t want the public knowing what’s going on in its child detention centers. Since members of Congress have put on a push to get into the facilities and get the word out about what’s going on, the Health and Human Services department has just imposed strict limits on their access. Even members of Congress will have to ask permission to tour a facility two weeks ahead of time, and once they get there, they can’t interact with the children at all:

“To protect the privacy and vulnerability of children in its care, we cannot allow visitors to record or photograph anything within the facility property, nor are visitors allowed to interact with the children,” reads the email from Sara Morse, the deputy assistant secretary for legislation at HHS. “We appreciate your cooperation.”

Oh, yeah, sure, it’s concern for the privacy and vulnerability of kids you have in cages that’s your reason for not wanting photographs. Uh-huh.

A few pre-scheduled tours will be available to members of Congress within the two-week waiting, presumably tours of facilities that have been cleaned up a little for public consumption. Which makes it all the more important to find out what’s going on in the detention centers that the Trump administration needs a two-week lead time on allowing anyone a look at.


‘Where are the girls?’ DHS chief shrugs, can’t say where migrant girls and toddlers are held


Jen Hayden  Daily Kos Staff  2018/06/18

Department of Homeland Security Chief Kirstjen Nielsen showed up at the White House press briefing to answer questions from a White House press corps that had been waiting for nearly four hours as the briefing was delayed numerous times. After a torrent out outright lies defending the Trump policy of separating asylum-seeking children from their parents and holding them in prison-like camps indefinitely, Nielsen was asked, “Where are the girls? Were are the toddlers?” After all, reporters have only been given photos and videos of men and young boys being detained, no sign of the girls and the younger detainees, some of whom are infants without their mothers.

Nielsen refuses to tell reporters where they are, and says she’ll look into that

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