And “we” will have only ourselves to blame should that occur…

…And “we” will have only ourselves to blame should that occur…

White House says Trump willing to let economy crash and burn over his trade war


Hunter  ……..Daily Kos Staff  ……..2018/07/03 · 06:00

Donald Trump knows not a damn thing about trade, and he has surrounded himself by conservative functionaries like, sigh, Larry Kudlow who somehow manages to know even less. This is how we’ve gotten ourselves into a trade war with Canada, Europe, China, Mexico, and take-your-pick; some idiot convinced Trump he could impose punitive tariffs on America’s allies and competitors alike and none of those countries would bother to respond—a notion that is at odds with the entire history of modern trade. It turns out they were—surprise!—extremely wrong, yet again, and the now Trump and those nations are in a rapidly escalating tit-for-tat series of tariffs that are already threatening to put U.S. companies out of business, have caused iconic motorcycle company Harley-Davidson to announce they’re moving production to Europe, and are threatening to destabilize large swaths of the nation’s agricultural sector.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, in the midst of this, took to television Monday morning to say that it doesn’t matter what the economic repercussions were, the White House was prepared to light every last one of you on fire in order to make whatever point Donald thinks he’s making. Sucks to be you, everyone


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