You are aware ALL drugs pass through these animals in the tissue we consume, beef, chicken, port, lamb

…You are aware ALL drugs pass through these animals in the tissue we consume, beef, chicken, port, lamb…

Tell the Senate: Untested drugs shouldn’t be used on food animals!

We all know about antibiotics in our food supply. But did you know that thousands of pounds of other pharmaceuticals, that have not been proven safe, are also used in food animals such as cows and pigs? And now the pharmaceutical industry is trying to get a federal exemption to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) drug approval process which allows certain drugs to be marketed for 5 years without demonstrating efficacy.

Tell your Senators not to put human and animal health at risk to boost industry profits!

Language that would significantly expand the ability of drug companies to rush animal drugs to market without demonstrating that they are safe and effective is being snuck into a larger piece of drug legislation, the Animal Drug User Fee Act (ADUFA), during its routine reauthorization. If passed, this language could severely reduce FDA’s oversight of new animal drugs, making it easier for drugs that haven’t been sufficiently tested to be used in food animals.

Expanding conditional approval exemptions would enable a wide range of drugs to forego the full application, assessment, and approval process. It could be used in millions of animals each year for five years.

Tell your Senators that we must uphold strong testing standards for drugs used in food animals.

Currently, conditional approvals may only be granted to drugs intended for use in only a small number of animals annually or in animals that are not considered “major species”. This ensures that it is only an option for drugs that will not have widespread use.

But the Senate language sets a course for HHS to widen this umbrella meant to facilitate important medicines, and open the conditional approval process to additional categories of new animal drugs. This broad objective could open the process to drugs intended for routine use in millions of animals each year. An amendment being considered in the House version of ADUFA would immediately implement a substantial expansion of conditional approvals.

Tell Congress: Do not allow pharmaceutical companies to side-step the full animal drug approval process.

Conditional approvals exist to ensure that drug companies are able to manufacture therapies for specific diseases or species that may be necessary for animal health, but costly to produce compared to their limited marketability. If the costs of conducting extensive efficacy studies and completing the lengthy FDA assessment process far exceed the revenue a needed therapy will generate, companies may not invest in some important animal medicines.

Outside of this, new animal drugs must go through FDA’s application process, which is meant to ensure only drugs that are safe and effective are approved. This approval process already places much authority in the hands of industry. See Center for Food Safety’s 2015 report for more details on animal drug approvals.

If ADUFA passes with this language included, it will increase the likelihood that harmful, untested drugs that will be used in millions of food animals every year!

Tell your Senators to uphold strong testing standards for drugs used on food animals, oppose expanding conditional approvals of new animal drugs.

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