Election quagmire … on our watch … of our creation

imageElection quagmire … on our watch of our creation

Quagmire meaning a situation that can easily trap you so that you become involved with problems from which it is difficult to escape


…Idealistically our voting process should be easily discernable wherein we are fully apprised of who the candidates are, what they claim they aspire to do in our stead.   As well as being fully aware of what they believe, who their supporters are, how they currently treat their fellow man, when the “press” is not looking.


… And when voting on changes to our rules, regulations, laws the information and positions positive and negative are presented in clear, concise understandable language…



Citizen Initiatives filed – now comes the challenges to keep them off the ballot


Posted on  by AZ BlueMeanie

Thursday was the filing deadline for citizens initiatives. Several hot-button initiatives were filed. If they survive signature verification and the inevitable lawsuits from well-funded special interest opponents, this year’s fall campaign will be dominated by a flood of “dark money” negative advertisements from corporate special interests and the Chambers of Commerce. Their privileged plutocrat attitude is that “We own this state! Who are the unwashed masses to tell us what we can do? You will obey!

The AP reports, Arizona ballot initiatives focus on energy, school funding:

Thursday was the deadline for proposed ballot initiatives to file the hundreds of thousands signatures necessary to put a question on the ballot. Three groups of organizers trucked boxes full of petitions to the state Capitol.

The signatures still have to processed and verified. The Arizona Secretary of State’s office has 20 days to complete petition processing. Then counties have 15 days to verify signatures, followed by another three days for the Secretary of State to determine if the initiative qualifies.

Followed by the inevitable lawsuits from well-funded special interest opponents.

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…Tragically, today thanks to cover afforded to prevent full disclosure and transparency … “dark$$$” … veils candidates, citizen initiatives, positions, and who they are authentically accountable to…

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