her capacity to be seen as untruthful is quite amazing

Whether any of this is true I have no idea, but, it resonates with many principally because it focuses on Hillary Clinton, her capacity to be seen as untruthful is quite amazing

CIA Counterintelligence Officer, Kevin Shipp, begins to talk specifically about this incredible phenomenon that we’ve all been witnessing, of the soft coup by the shadow government and the intelligence agencies against a sitting president of the United States ā€“ and how the reason it’s being done is to cover up the crimes of Hillary Clinton.


Shipp says, "All the study and research that I’ve done over the last five years on the Shadow Government, the Deep State and international crime has gone back to one person, every single time," and that person is Hillary Clinton.


Shipp explains how ex-MI6 Christopher Steele, former-DCI John Brennan, former-DNI James Clapper, former-FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Counterespionage Chief Peter Strzok, former-National Security Advisor Susan Rice, former-US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, former US President Barack Obama and the GCHQ, the UK’s equivalent of the NSA are all working together to protect Hillary Clinton ā€“ and why.


"Hillary Clinton…has been connected deeply to the Shadow Government, to the CIA and CIA operations ever since they first got in the White House…for 30 years, this woman has been building her network both within the intelligence sectors of our government, the Deep State and internationally through the Clinton Foundation and created the most powerful crime syndicate known to man and that’s why this all goes back to her."


The sheer scope and quantity of crimes perpetrated and covered up by James Comey, Robert Mueller, Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton going back 30 years is absolutely staggering and almost cannot be put into words. Don’t miss this highly-educational talk by Kevin Shipp!


Running Time: 90 min    https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/clinton-foundation-financial-conduit-between-the-deep-state-and-shadow-government-with-kevin-shipp/

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