surrounds himself with “flunkies”

…Look understanding TRUMP is not secret … he surrounds himself with “flunkies” who will back his play whatever it may be in the moment … knowing full well TRUMP will most likely change his mind moments later and throw them under the nearest passing bus…

…So make no mistake … the dude he nominated for our Supreme Court will back whatever Trump asks of him…

Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s Supreme Court pick, has sided with broad views of presidential powers

The record of the federal appeals court judge suggests he would be more to the right than retiring Justice Anthony M. Kennedy.

By Ann E. Marimow  •  Read more »

Brett Kavanaugh is nominated by Trump to succeed Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy

If confirmed, the former Kennedy clerk who serves on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit could allow President Trump to solidify a more conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

By Robert Costa, Robert Barnes and Felicia Sonmez  •  Read more »


4 big questions about Brett Kavanaugh

The Roe question. The McConnell question. The Bush question. And the Trump question.

By Aaron Blake  •  Read more »



A more conservative Supreme Court could step, not lurch, to the right

President Trump’s nominee and fellow conservatives can achieve right-of-center goals without overturning rulings such as Roe v. Wade.

By Robert Barnes  •  Read more »


From Clinton to Trump: How Kavanaugh navigated through some of Washington’s biggest scandals

He investigated Vince Foster’s death and Bill Clinton’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky before joining the George W. Bush administration.

By Michael Kranish and Ann E. Marimow  •  Read more »


Trump Supreme Court pick: How key senators reacted

As the confirmation process kicks off following the president’s selection of Brett Kavanaugh, two groups of senators will play a pivotal role.

By Felicia Sonmez  •  Read more »


Supreme Court nominee has argued presidents should not be distracted by investigations and lawsuits

Brett M. Kavanaugh worked on the independent counsel’s team that investigated Bill Clinton, and his resulting views could be a central focus of his confirmation hearing to replace Justice Anthony M. Kennedy.

By Michael Kranish and Ann E. Marimow  •  Read more »

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