What do you expect as Az Gov Doug Ducey has consumed copious amounts of the Koch Bro$ and Trump “kool-aide”… about those “brown” alien people…???

…What do you expect as Az Gov Doug Ducey has consumed copious amounts of the Koch Bro$ and Trump “kool-aide”… about those “brown” alien people…???

USA Today: Governor Ducey: Calls To Abolish ICE Are Wrong And Reckless
"The impact of illegal drug cartels, human trafficking, and child sex trafficking on communities and families is real and raw. In border communities, law enforcement agencies like ICE aren’t the enemy: they’re a lifeline. For us, border security is national security."

Investing In Arizona’s Border Strike Force
On Wednesday, Governor Ducey highlighted an increased investment of $2.9 million in the Arizona Border Strike Force for fiscal year 2019 to expand operations in critical areas around the state.

KGUN 9: Governor Ducey Highlights Increased Funding For Border Strike Force

Arizona Republic: Funding Boost Will Increase Staffing For Arizona Border Strike Force
Governor Ducey said the Strike Force already has had an effect since it was established in September 2015. "When it comes to matters of our public safety…talk without action isn’t just cheap," Ducey said. "It’s dangerous and deadly."

KVOA: Budget Beefed Up For Border Strike Force

KTAR: Gov. Ducey, Law Enforcers Tout Success Of Arizona Border Strike Force
“I’m proud to announce that these new dollars will start arriving this month, bringing us that much closer to achieving our ultimate goal of having 24-hours-a-day, seven-day-a-week coverage," said Governor Ducey.

Cronkite News: Arizona Border Strike Force Receiving More Funding In FY19

Fox 10: Arizona Border Strike Force Targeting Border-Related Crimes

Tucson News Now: ADOT Officers Using K-9 Units To Combat Illegal Drugs, Human Smuggling
"The two K-9 units, based at the Interstate 10 Ehrenberg Port of Entry near California and the Interstate 40 Sanders Port of Entry near New Mexico, have helped officers seize in excess of 350 pounds of marijuana, 600 vials of hash oil and $90,000 in illicit bulk currency."

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