clown President triumphantly displaying for his “base

image…Helsinki summit … America’s clown President triumphantly displaying for his “base” how he chooses to make America great again…!!!

TRUMP PICKS PUTIN OVER AMERICA When asked to choose between the Russian dictator who helped him win the White House and the American prosecutors investigating Moscow’s election meddling, Donald Trump dismissed his own country and sided with Vladimir Putin. That was the nadir of Trump’s Helsinki meeting with the Russian president — a press conference so “shameful,” “calamitous” and “unprecedented” that even members of the and some personalities refused to defend him.]

TRUMP TELLS HANNITY RUSSIA-U.S. RELATIONS ARE NOW FIXED In an interview after the meeting, Trump told the eternally servile Sean Hannity that the U.S. is “doing really well with Russia as of today.” Hannity’s Fox News coworker Chris Wallace showed far more integrity during his later sit-down with Putin, pushing the Russian leader on election hacking.

N.Y. DAILY NEWS: ‘OPEN TREASON’ Reacting to Monday’s events, the New York Daily News spelled out Trump’s Helsinki performance on the front page: “Open Treason.”

EUROPEAN LEADERS STUNNED BY HELSINKI European lawmakers were left stunned by the Trump-Putin news conference, which they said sent a message to other democratic political systems similarly targeted for interference by Moscow that they cannot count on the U.S. to stand with them.

Affidavit: ‘key’ Republican ‘leaders’ had secure back

channel to the Kremlin in October 2016

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