Trump wants you to be afraid, be very afraid… is he succeeding…???

…Trump wants you to be afraid, be very afraid… is he succeeding…???

Trump stokes Iran tensions with threats of dire consequences for Tehran

The president’s warning exposes a disconnect on Iran strategy, which has focused on the nuclear deal and sanctions rather than military action.

By Missy Ryan, Philip Rucker and Karen DeYoung  •  Read more »

IRAN DISMISSES TRUMP TWITTER RANT Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has dismissed an angry Twitter warning from Trump, posting: “COLOR US UNIMPRESSED.” [Reuters]

IRAQ WAR CHEERLEADER TARGETS IRAN Ari Fleischer, the former White House press secretary and a vocal advocate for the disastrous Iraq War, was back at it Monday, suggesting that the U.S. should work to destabilize Iran. [HuffPost]

Obstruction of justice in plain sight by Donald Trump and his co-conspirators in Congress

Posted: 23 Jul 2018 01:39 PM PDT

Late Saturday night, the government released a redacted version of the FISA Court warrant application for Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page. The application has been the basis of an elaborate conspiracy theory concocted by Donald Trump and his … Continue reading

STORYJUL 24, 2018

“Bring the War Home”: The Long History of White Power and Paramilitary Violence in the United States

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