Have you drawn your line

imageHave you drawn your line…???

…It strikes me that unless one has been living in an incredibly remote and isolated locale, devoid of any form of communication with the “outside” world, it would be rather inconceivable they do not have “passing” knowledge, about the topics capturing the attention of the majority of people on planet earth…

…And one topic is …TRUMP … and his ability to dominate public attention.  He holds sway of this with his chameleon ability to change color and shape as daily he bobs and weaves his way through a landmine of conflicting statements and positions…

… In light speed his words and message uttered are morphed by a compliant “press” to convey whatever meaning in the moment Trump chooses to convey … with … truth never part of the equation…

…Have you drawn a line in the sand noting where “dark$$$” and bullshit stop and only truth prevails…???

…You just might consider developing such a posture for yourself as it is readily apparent that $$$$ and “alternative fact” are now sanctioned substitutes for TRUTH…

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