GOP/Republicans received their “Trump$peak” instructions and like good robots are following their master’s command…

…GOP/Republicans received their “Trump$peak” instructions and like good robots are following their master’s command…

Grassley pledges September hearing for Kavanaugh despite lack of archival papers till October


Kerry Eleveld  …..Daily Kos Staff…….2018/08/02 · 11:53

Republican Judiciary Committee chair Chuck Grassley is promising to push ahead with a September hearing for Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh despite being notified Thursday that the National Archives can’t possibly meet Grassley’s document request until late October.

Sen. Grassley had requested the Archive’s review of Kavanaugh’s documents from his time in the Bush White House be completed by August 15, but a letter sent by its general counsel said they expect to produce the estimated 900,000 pages of relevant material "by the end of October."

Following the news, a GOP Judiciary Committee aide was quick to put out a statementpromising the panel would proceed apace with the original confirmation timeline.

"As Chairman Grassley said this morning, he intends to hold a hearing sometime in September," said the aide.

GOP PUSHING AHEAD WITH SCOTUS NOMINEE Republicans are  pushing ahead with the confirmation process for Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s pick for Supreme Court — even though they won’t have enough time to review all the documents pertaining to his past work for George W. Bush

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