Impeaching TRUMP and we get Pence … trading one SHADOW for another

…Impeaching TRUMP and we get Pence … trading one SHADOW for another…

Mike Pence Is A Holy Terror and It’s All A Lot

Darker Than You Know


ursulafaw  ……..Community…….2018/07/29 · 13:01

Mike Pence, for all his vanilla wafer posturing, is scary.  Having Mike Pence as president would be going from the frying pan into the fire, or as New York Times columnist Frank Bruni puts it, it would be going from “kleptocracy to theocracy.” Bruni is reviewing a new book by Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio and Peter Eisner, “The Shadow President: The Truth About Mike Pence.”

The title can be interpreted two fold, Pence is both doing a shadow campaign for president in case Trump folds and/or Pence is the shadow to Donald Trump’s persona. “Shadow” is a psychological term to describe the dark side of human nature, i.e., the deadly sins, that which is not socially acceptable.

Superficially Pence may play the straight man and he may imitate the stable Republican counterpoint to Trump, there to “muffle his madness and launder his sins” but he is equally as bigoted and misogynistic as Trump, make no mistake. Plus, he shares Trump’s over-inflated ego. New York Times:

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