The Rush

The Rush

The excitement builds titillates the waiting for the moment when blood first appears, knowing now the game, the excitement has truly begun…

Repulsed are you, at the audacity of my assertion, then consider this. 

On 8 November 2016, we chose to elect as our American President, a man addicted to blood sport, where “blooding-one’s-nose” is an everyday thing.

And the nose he choose to see … bleed … matters not, as everyone for him is fair game, man, women, child, especially the weak, the poor, those without standing or voice.

Consider Trump mimics what is pent up inside of us … as we too … often wish a nose we could bloody … most often only fear of jail … in the moment stops.

So we vicariously turn to “sport,” especially those that provide the salve that an adrenaline rush creates.

You know the ones, helmet mashing football played by those at all ages, cage fighting, men and woman, locked in, no way out, punching and kicking, hoping the blood flows, igniting a crowd even more.  Even bull fighting, the outcome never in doubt, portrayed as a dance of poetry in motion, but the blood must flow.

In time past, humans watched as lions clawed and chewed on the flesh of other human beings all the while memorized by the blood that seeped … the ultimate rush…

Today the entertainment which capitalizes our attention draws on the same memorizing blood as enamored crowds scream and yell as fighters punch each other attempting to find that knockout punch or at least draw … blood.

The movies which pull in the “dough$$$” the heroes and heroines with impunity slice, dices, shoot and kill … but … only the “bad” guys, you understand or so you are lead to believe.

Interesting how these “bad” guys our movies depict are most often of color, language and inflections so vastly different than ours, clothing and manners even choice of foods all designed to create that visceral feeling in us their blood deserves to be shed… and in that moment we are relieved when it is.

The sight of blood no longer gives us pause, we are no longer initially startled … it’s almost an expected thing.

When corporate media TV “talking-heads” show what they note as “live” drone scenes of America’s carefully crafted humanitarian compassionate “kills” we no longer even blink.

We are now so “pasteurized” we no longer see blood the captains of economy demand, in return for the “life” they feel they provide, so generously…. to you and me.

With our blessing they control, all the branches of our government, often state and local, too…especially our law enforcement and its associated mechanisms … wherein they reveal only what they “vet” as true … as in the cover of darkness clandestinely they bloody another nose…

This upon American soil they do, imagine what, in our stead, our military does in foreign lands, where “we” – – that’s you and me – – have no eyes, nor voice.  The truth is solely what corporate media “talking-heads” report … so believe that…???

Tragically immune we have become to “blood” taken with impunity for profit$$$ for the enrichment of a few.

There is light as this chaos ends as the pendulum swings embracing love, gratitude, support and it is near.

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