Seems like a reasonable request.. Think they will get it….???


Seems like a reasonable request.. Think they will get it….???

Forget thanking black women for our votes. Instead, on this equal pay day, pay us what we are owed


Kelly Macias Daily Kos Staff2018/08/07 · 11:08

Over the last two years, a wide swath of Americans are finally catching up to something that many of us have known for quite some time: black women get shit done. This has been spoken about in a political context, of course, but black women’s accomplishments and tenacity extend far beyond the ballot box. In higher education, black women represent two-thirds of all black bachelor’s degree holders, 70 percent of black master’s degrees and 60 percent of black doctorates. We are also the fastest growing group of female entrepreneurs in the country—with businesses that are majority-owned by black women growing 67 percent between 2007 and 2012.

Black women continue to persist, despite the very real interpersonal and structural sexism and racism that impacts our lives. While the above statistics may paint a bright picture, make no mistake: black women continue to encounter barriers outside of our control which prevent us from achieving the same economic and social opportunities afforded to other demographic groups. As evidence of this, August 7 marks Equal Pay-Day for Black Women. Since black women only make about 63 cents for each dollar that white men make, this marks the day that black women who worked full-time in 2017 and eight months into 2018 will make the same amount of money as white men did the previous year. Or as Time puts it, “Black women must work almost 20 months to earn what men earn in 12.”

There are many reasons for this pay inequity. Historically, the labor and work of women of all colors has been devalued. And when race and ethnicity enter into the equation, it becomes worse. For instance, while white women reached equal pay day on April 10, black women reach it on August 7, Native American women reach it on September 27 and Hispanic women reach it on November 1. Black women are also over-represented in the low-wage workforce, comprising 10 percent of all low-wage earners. This is disproportionate to the overall number of black women in the workforce, which is only 6 percent.

Even with education and career success, this is an issue that impacts all black women. Vox notes that “black female college grads make 37 percent less than white males with the same level of education, and black women are also saddled with far more student loan debt than their white peers.” The gap in pay has a tremendous financial impact on over the course of a black woman’s lifetime, causing a loss of nearly $870,000 in potential earnings.

Though parts of America seem to understand the power of black women’s political organizing and voting, this country still doesn’t want to pay black women our fair share for the work we do.

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