If one need blame there is enough to go around

…There is little doubt the GOP/Republicans conspired to suppress voting especially by those of “color” … but where NOT alone, they did not exists without assistance from “like-minded-thinkers-Democrats-Independents” … If one need blame there is enough to go around…

A history of the decades-long crusade by the GOP to suppress voting by minorities


Krotor  …Community…..2018/08/17 · 10:56


For more than fifty years, Republicans have consistently worked toward a goal: to reduce the number of citizens who vote in our elections. That’s not to say they don’t want anyone to vote. Quite the contrary: they want the right citizens to vote but not voters who are black, brown, gay, poor, or members of other identity groups which skew Democratic.

The past couple of years have brought this to public attention more than at any time since the heady days of the civil rights movement, when President Johnson signed into law the Voting Rights Act of 1965. For many people, there has been a generational gap. They know that Jim Crow era laws and practices trampled on the rights of black voters way back when but mistakenly believe that most voter suppression efforts were eliminated by enforcement of the VRA.

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