This is vintage TRUMP to

This is vintage TRUMP to bully, taunt … why is it suddenly “disturbing” as it’s SOP for TRUMP

He’s Threatening Retribution’: Columnist Details Why Trump’s Attacks on Google Are So ‘Disturbing’

Josh Rogin warns that Trump’s threat "smacks of Chinese government-style Internet control."

By Cody Fenwick / AlterNet……August 28, 2018, 6:14 PM GMT


Most people have gotten used to the background noise of American politics that is President Donald Trump’s griping about the media. But a new line of attack introduced this week caught people’s attention — because this time it came for a new target: Google.

In a series of bizarre tweets, Trump claimed Google results were "rigged" against him because they showed bad news about his presidency — a patently ridiculous claim. But as Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin pointed out, we can’t let this allegation pass in silence. Government censorship of Google results is nothing new, and it must be protected against.

"The disturbing part is that Trump is suggesting Google is doing something ‘illegal’ by returning search results that reflect badly on him personally — and he’s threatening retribution," Rogin wrote.

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