difficult not to conclude that at some time the pendulum will swing in favor of

From a Las Vegas perspective there is no doubt there is need for change in Nevada water law …  In an era of one man, one vote … it is difficult not to conclude that at some time the pendulum will swing in favor of Las Vegas…???

IndyMatters: SNWA chief talks Colorado River, pipeline, need for changes to Nevada water law

nRothberg29th, 2018 – 2:00am

The leader of Las Vegas’s powerful water authority said the time has come for the Legislature to make changes to Nevada water law, an idea that will likely get pushback from many water users, during a 50-minute interview on The Nevada Independent’spodcast, IndyMatters.


In the wide-ranging interview, John Entsminger, general manager of the Southern Nevada Water Authority, addressed concerns over a Colorado River shortage and the agency’s continued push for a pipeline project to pump large amounts of groundwater from Eastern Nevada to Las Vegas.

Entsminger, humorously describing himself as “a recovering water lawyer,” took over the authority in 2014 from Pat Mulroy, the agency’s outspoken founder who was an iconic figure in shaping modern Colorado River politics but was also criticized in rural counties for pursuing the controversial 250-mile pipeline.

The pipeline project, proposed in 1989, has been mired in litigation. In that way, it is not too different from other projects, plans and proposals related to water. In Pahrump, domestic well owners are suing the state. In Coyote Springs outside of Las Vegas, developers are suing the state. In Diamond Valley near Eureka, a ranch with historical water rights is suing the state. In Lovelock, farmers pounded the drought, sued the state, prompting a court to issue a pivotal decision in 2015 for the Humboldt River, a critical waterway for most of Northern Nevada.

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