will go to any length to suppress release of any proof

…If true and frankly I have no doubt there is credible evidence to support this allegation I have no doubt the AMA, “big-pharma,”  health insurance companies, Wall $reet will go to any length to suppress release of any proof to you and me…

Why medically caused deaths continue to be ignored

More than any other reporter, I have continued to champion and spread the word about Dr. Barbara Starfield’s revelation: The US medical system kills 106,000 people a year with its medicines. Extrapolate that number for a decade: more than MILLION DEATHS.I have reported, many times, on Starfield’s review, “Is US Health Really the Best in the World,” published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on July 26, 2000. I interviewed her in 2009, when she told me that her death…

Might misinformation contribute to the deaths noted above…?

Renowned doctor slams medical education & says we have “an epidemic of misinformed doctors”

The Facts:Dr. Asseem Malhotra, a well-known Doctor in Britain had some choice words to say in front of the European Parliment about modern-day medical education and overall knowledge doctors possess. He’s one of many who continues to emerge and speak out.Reflect On:Why do doctors continue to learn nothing about nutrition? It seems they are trained to prescribe medicine and do not question what they are prescribing. They risk losing their jobs by speaking out and educating themselves.Dr. Asseem Malhotra …

Might these exemption contribute to the alleged deaths in the above articles…???

Profits before safety: why are legal exemption lines drawn for Big Pharma?

There seems to be an enigma, double standard or even a legal faux pas in tort law in the United States. Nowhere is that more readily evident than in the following example, in my opinion.Back on July 19, 2018, a “Ride the Ducks Branson” Duck Boat tragedy occurred on Table Rock Lake, near the tourist magnet town of Branson, Missouri. Seventeen unfortunate people lost their lives by drowning due to the Duck Boat capsizing and sinking, which apparently occurred due to some sort of negligence(s), …

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