become unquestioningly “aware” that TRUMP

…When is that point reached when Americans become unquestioningly “aware” that TRUMP utilizing “alternative fact” will manipulate any law, rule, regulations to achieve whatever his immediate goal may be…

Sarah Huckabee Sanders sends Trump’s fans to attack New York Times, breaks federal regulations

Hunter Daily Kos Staff\…..2018/09/06 · 10:42

Donald Trump is apparently melting down into a puddle of grease and spittle after a senior Trump administration official wrote an anonymous editorial in the New York Times suggesting that Trump was dangerously unfit for office and that his top staff has had to work continuously to thwart his most dangerous ideas and orders.

As the White House apparently scrambles, on Trump’s insistence, to find the identity of the leaker, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders mounted a Twitter effort encouraging Trump allies to jam the New York Times phone lines. As former Obama White House ethics czar Norm Eisen points out, this is a violation of federal regulations.

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