allows “truth” to be in the moment

…As America has NO consensus generated definition on TRUTH it appears we are accepting the “alternative fact” notion fostered by TRUMP which allows “truth” to be in the moment whatever the speaker or writer says…

NYT Editorial Board: ‘Confirmed: Brett Kavanaugh Can’t Be Trusted’


Posted on September 8, 2018 by AZ BlueMeanie


Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s dissembling, dishonesty and dodging of questions at his confirmation hearing did not play well with the New York Times editorial board. He is a smooth liar who Confirmed: Brett Kavanaugh Can’t Be Trusted:


In a more virtuous world, Judge Brett Kavanaugh would be deeply embarrassed by the manner in which he has arrived at the doorstep of a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

He was nominated by a president who undermines daily the nation’s democratic order and mocks the constitutional values that Judge Kavanaugh purports to hold dear.

Now he’s being rammed through his confirmation process with an unprecedented degree of secrecy and partisan maneuvering by Republican senators who, despite their overflowing praise for his legal acumen and sterling credentials, appear terrified for the American people to find out much of anything about him beyond his penchant for coaching girls’ basketball.

Perhaps most concerning, Judge Kavanaugh seems to have trouble remembering certain important facts about his years of service to Republican administrations. More than once this week, he testified in a way that appeared to directly contradict evidence in the record.


(Update) Judge Kavanaugh caught misleading Congress in his previous confirmation hearing – at least four times


Posted on September 7, 2018 by


Aaron Blake at The Washington Post reports Brett Kavanaugh’s William Pryor denials require some explaining:


[A] story just broken by The Post’s Seung Min Kim may have some legs — and require some explaining by Kavanaugh.

According to other “committee confidential” emails she obtained, Kavanaugh in 2003 was looped in on emails and discussions involving the nomination of controversial anti-Roe v. Wade Appeals Court Judge William H. Pryor Jr. Kavanaugh also appears to have interviewed Pryor for the nomination.

This despite Kavanaugh having saidin his own 2004 confirmation hearings, “No, I was not involved in handling his nomination.” At another point, he said, “I am familiar generally with Mr. Pryor, but that was not one that I worked on personally.”

Those are likely to be parsed pretty closely now. A December 2002 email shows Kavanaugh, then an aide in the George W. Bush White House, being asked by a fellow White House aide, “How did the Pryor interview go?” Kavanaugh responded: “call me.”

In a Supreme Court with Brett Kavanaugh on it, would a persons legal right to birth control be in jeopardy?

Married individuals have had a right since the mid-1960’s to purchase birth control. Unmarried individuals have had that right since the early 1970’s.

Would that right still exist for people if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court?

Today, when commenting on a case brought on by Priests for Life before the United States Court of Appeals in Washington D.C. (where he is a member), he may have committed a Freudian slip by stating, while explaining his dissent in that case,  that birth control “is abortion-inducing drugs.”

Really?  …Are you listening to this Senators Collins and Murkowski? Are you listening to this Red State Democratic Senators up for reelection?

In a Supreme Court with Brett Kavanaugh on it, would women and men have a legitimate worry that their legal right to birth control can be taken away?

Is Judge Kavanaugh so reactionary and backward in his beliefs that he, along with the other conservatives on the court, would vote to take away an individuals rights to protect themselves from unsafe relations and unwanted pregnancies, setting us back to the 1950’s?

In a country where such worries seemed unfounded, today’s testimony should send chills up everyone’s backs.

Again, are you listening to this Senators Collins and Murkowski? Are you listening to this Red State Democratic Senators up for reelection? The rights of our people are in your hands and that is not an exaggeration.

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