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…We now live in TRUMPLAND wherein he defines using “alternative fact” what is true … and thus far we appear to be buying into it…

The things we know Kavanaugh has lied under oath about: Abortion, warrantless wiretapping, torture

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It’s not longer a hypothetical: Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath to Congress in 2004 and 2006. That’s just from the tiny number of documents that have been released on his record so far.

In 2004, in sworn testimony, he told Sen. Ted Kennedy that while he was shepherding nominations for George W. Bush that he was "not involved in handling" Bill Pryor’s nomination. Documents made public Thursday include, among other things, an email from June, 2003 inviting Kavanaugh to attend an "emergency umbrella meeting" at a private law firm "to discuss nominee Bill Pryor’s hearing." That’s only the first of several of Kavanaugh’s emails from 2002 and 2003 discussing Pryor’s nomination, as both Sens. Patrick Leahy and Dianne Feinstein have been quick to point out.

Why is his work on the Pryor nomination such a touchstone issue? Pryor was the guy who called Roe v. Wade "the worst abomination in the history of constitutional law." No wonder he lied about that in his own confirmation hearing. NB: Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski.

Leahy goes on to lay out the full picture of Kavanaugh’s lies—that we know of so far—in a tweet thread, including questionable statements by Kavanaugh this week. He told Leahy "he never received any docs that even ‘appeared to … have been drafted or prepared by Democratic staff,’" when Leahy tweets, he had "8 pages of material taken VERBATIM from my files, obviously written by Dem staff, LABELED ‘not [for] distribution.’" Leahy has many expamples of such emails in that thread, information sent to Kavanaugh clearly marked as highly confidential. As Leahy concludes "Judge Kavanaugh answered under oath more than 100 questions on this hacking in 2004 and 2006. His repeated denials that he didn’t receive any stolen info and didn’t suspect anything ‘untoward’ is SIMPLY NOT CREDIBLE."

That’s not all, though. There’s now public emails showing Kavanaugh did not tell the truth in 2006 when, under oath, he told Leahy that the first he ever heard of the illegal warrantless wiretapping by the NSA was when he read about it in The New York Timesin December, 2005. "I learned of that program when there was a New York Times story—reports of that program when there was a New York Times story that came over the wire, I think on a Thursday night in mid December of last year," he told Leahy, and when Leahy pressed him whether he’d heard "anything about it prior to the New York Times article," Kavanaugh definitively responded "nothing at all."

The problem is that now we have an email from Kavanaugh to John Yoo, then with the Justice Department, dated September 17, 2001 asking "Any results yet on the [4th amendment] implications of random/constant surveillance of phone and email conversations of non-citizens who are in the United States when the purpose of the surveillance is to prevent terrorism/criminal violence?" Which definitely suggests that Kavanaugh was indeed participating in the formulation of this policy. Kavanaugh was slightly cagier on Wednesday when Leahy asked about whether if he ever worked with Yoo, the torture memo author "on the constitutional implications of any warrantless surveillance program." Kavanaugh was definitively more dithery on the issue this time around. "I can’t rule that… right in the wake of September 11? […] It was all hands on deck on all fronts." So that’s a maybe. But it still means he was probably lying under oath in 2006.

There’s even yet more, though apparently still confidential. In questioning Kavanaugh Thursday, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) said that there are at least three specific examples in which Kavanaugh participated in discussions about the Bush administration’s detainee and torture policy. In 2006, Kavanaugh denied, under oath, that he had been involved in that policy-making.

This is a bad, bad nominee. We knew that from an ideological perspective already. Now we know it because this is a guy who will commit perjury to advance his career. He’s quite possibly going to get a lifetime appointment on the highest court in the land and his is an out-and-out partisan lawyer who was neck deep in war crimes in his last political job.

Define corruption…???

...Define corruption…???    It’s one of those words like, truth, equality, for which America does not have a consensus generated meaning its immediate definition solely depends upon whom you ask, when you ask, where you ask…

Corruption jumps to top of the list among voters’ concerns

Kerry Eleveld Daily Kos Staff2018/09/06 · 18:23

Here’s the real Trump effect: A new Kaiser tracking poll finds that voters view "corruption in Washington" as the "most important issue" in the upcoming midterm election, with 30 percent putting it at the top of their list. Health care came in second at 27 percent, and the economy/jobs took third at 25 percent.

When combining "most important" with "very important," health care is still the primary issue voters are concerned about at 81 percent, with corruption taking a close second at 77 percent

Only a “fashion” statement…???

clip_image002…The beauty of living in America where the idea of freedom of speech lingers, albeit faintly, is columnist like Mr. Robb can describe any of the “ism” … fascism, capitalism, nazism, socialism… however they choose, most notably as Americans, do not choose to educate on the basic fundamentals of these economic policies…

…I find it striking there are increasing reports in our reputed “free-press” that many so-called socialistic endeavors are meeting favorably with Americans, especially health care and social services…

…Only a “fashion” statement…???

Then whatever APS chooses to charge … just

clip_image002…Come November and it is our turn to VOTE and WE choose to continue to elect candidates owned by Arizona Public Service = (APS)…

…Then whatever APS chooses to charge … just SHUT UP…

Think I am joking … do your own research

imageI find this article in the Sunday issue of the Arizona Republic worthy of our thoughtful contemplation given its implication and impact on so many issues we currently face…

Take for example the implication on … Two New Studies Show Just How Underpaid Teachers Are — And That’s Exactly How Republicans Want It

By Laura Clawson, Daily Kos

Low teacher pay is on the way to becoming a crisis, as that and other attacks on the profession make teaching a less appealing career for young people. 

..In Arizona for the last 2 plus decades, we have allowed our state GOP dominated legislature to underfund all forms of “public” education, while gifting get-out-of-jail free cards to “charter $chools”…

…Moreover we allow our governors to champion for-profit private pri$on, with guaranteed income, while using every tool available, with generous $upport from $elected interest groups to defeat all attempts at eliminating our current punitive and archaic drug laws, especially those respecting marijuana…

Which, if eliminated could potentially reduce our current prison population by more than 20%…

But, reducing our prison population would be a handicap to those free enterprise capitalistic businesses employing at “slave” labor rates, prisoners.

And moreover, keeping our prisons full allows behind the scene experimentation, without disclosure, of all forms of mental, emotional, social, testing and scheming…    Such as, what is the lowest forms of food can be served without seriously endangering the many, if a few suffer, so what, the goal is to keep costs at bare bone minimum…

…And certainly, in Arizona, we do not want anyone, i.e. meaning you and me, to have full disclosure nor transparency on how any “labeled” alien is treated, whether male, female or child… 

…I wonder, if Arizona citizens are aware of how our so-called criminal justice system can be manipulated causing you or me to be incarcerated…???

…Think I am joking … do your own research…

proving they are leaders for “all” people or will “we” submit the to “d

…Timely as a gauntlet and line in the sand have been presented to American voters … Question is are “we” prepared to get off our butts and vote for those candidates with “track records” proving they are leaders for “all” people or will “we” submit the to “dark$$$$” power…

Republicans Are Getting a Special Gift from the Super Rich in Return For Their Tax Cuts      Just in time for the midterms.

By David Cay Johnston / DC ReportSeptember 9, 2018, 3:24 AM GMT


Donald Trump’s tweets telling the super-rich to expect another big tax cut if Republicans hold onto the House and Senate is paying off for the GOP.

This article first appeared .      National Republican fundraising continues to run well ahead of Democrats, who are saddled with debt, new Federal Election Commission reports show.

Republicans have raised $1.1 billion this year, while the parallel Democratic Party organizations have yet to break the billion dollar mark. The Democrats are also saddled with 11 times as much debt as the GOP.

The net worth of the Big Four Democratic party organizations is just 56-cents to each dollar the GOP has.

The latest Federal Election Commission data, which we analyzed in the accompanying graphic, applies only for the national party organizations, not each campaign for 435 House seats, 33 Senate seats and 36 governorships.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has floated the idea of reducing capital gains taxes by adjusting the amount paid to acquire assets for inflation. While our Constitution says Congress, not the executive branch, sets taxes just the idea that such a move may be attempted has tantalized the super-rich, especially those who like the Trump and Kushner families are invested in real estate.

Trump plans a second round of tax cuts, including lowering the corporate profits tax rate again.

Money alone does not win elections, but it helps.

Obfuscate, spin, twist this is what “we” allow leadership to be in America … How’s that working out…???

…Obfuscate, spin, twist this is what “we” allow leadership to be in America … How’s that working out…???

Kavanaugh’s Nomination Is All the Evidence You Need That Elections Really Do Matter     If you’re confused by what you heard at the Kavanaugh hearings, then Kavanaugh has effectively done his job.

By Mike Littwin / The Colorado Independent  September 9, 2018, 4:50 AM GMT


There is always so much happening in Trumpworld that it can be difficult to separate the important stuff from the titillating stuff from the ALL-CAPS tweeted stuff from the fifth-and-sixth-grader stuff.

But the most important things happening in Washington do not include either the Bob Woodward book (which contains some of the most frightening Washington scenes since “The Exorcist”) or the anonymous New York Times op-ed, the so-called-resistance-from-within piece. It’s still a mystery who wrote the op-ed — Kellyanne Conway is the latest favored rumor — but remember this: That person signed on to be a Trumpist, not to save America or the world. The only brave thing and right thing to do is to resign and speak the truth aloud, en masse, if there truly is massive resistance in the White House. Maybe that would, at last, shame Trump’s enablers in Congress. (Note to self: No, it wouldn’t. Of course it wouldn’t.)

If there’s anything inarguable to say about Trumpworld, it’s that Trump’s flaws were always visible for anyone with eyes to see. Sure, he lies at every turn, but in his lying, he simply confirms his bigotry, his arrogance, his authoritarian leanings, his narcissism, his deep and wide ignorance of topics large and small. Or as Barack Obama put it in his overtly political speech Friday, “How hard can that be — saying Nazis are bad?” I think there was one White House resignation after Charlottesville, which says pretty much everything about the resistance.