Define corruption…???

...Define corruption…???    It’s one of those words like, truth, equality, for which America does not have a consensus generated meaning its immediate definition solely depends upon whom you ask, when you ask, where you ask…

Corruption jumps to top of the list among voters’ concerns

Kerry Eleveld Daily Kos Staff2018/09/06 · 18:23

Here’s the real Trump effect: A new Kaiser tracking poll finds that voters view "corruption in Washington" as the "most important issue" in the upcoming midterm election, with 30 percent putting it at the top of their list. Health care came in second at 27 percent, and the economy/jobs took third at 25 percent.

When combining "most important" with "very important," health care is still the primary issue voters are concerned about at 81 percent, with corruption taking a close second at 77 percent

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