Obfuscate, spin, twist this is what “we” allow leadership to be in America … How’s that working out…???

…Obfuscate, spin, twist this is what “we” allow leadership to be in America … How’s that working out…???

Kavanaugh’s Nomination Is All the Evidence You Need That Elections Really Do Matter     If you’re confused by what you heard at the Kavanaugh hearings, then Kavanaugh has effectively done his job.

By Mike Littwin / The Colorado Independent  September 9, 2018, 4:50 AM GMT




There is always so much happening in Trumpworld that it can be difficult to separate the important stuff from the titillating stuff from the ALL-CAPS tweeted stuff from the fifth-and-sixth-grader stuff.

But the most important things happening in Washington do not include either the Bob Woodward book (which contains some of the most frightening Washington scenes since “The Exorcist”) or the anonymous New York Times op-ed, the so-called-resistance-from-within piece. It’s still a mystery who wrote the op-ed — Kellyanne Conway is the latest favored rumor — but remember this: That person signed on to be a Trumpist, not to save America or the world. The only brave thing and right thing to do is to resign and speak the truth aloud, en masse, if there truly is massive resistance in the White House. Maybe that would, at last, shame Trump’s enablers in Congress. (Note to self: No, it wouldn’t. Of course it wouldn’t.)

If there’s anything inarguable to say about Trumpworld, it’s that Trump’s flaws were always visible for anyone with eyes to see. Sure, he lies at every turn, but in his lying, he simply confirms his bigotry, his arrogance, his authoritarian leanings, his narcissism, his deep and wide ignorance of topics large and small. Or as Barack Obama put it in his overtly political speech Friday, “How hard can that be — saying Nazis are bad?” I think there was one White House resignation after Charlottesville, which says pretty much everything about the resistance.

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