Think I am joking … do your own research

imageI find this article in the Sunday issue of the Arizona Republic worthy of our thoughtful contemplation given its implication and impact on so many issues we currently face…

Take for example the implication on … Two New Studies Show Just How Underpaid Teachers Are — And That’s Exactly How Republicans Want It

By Laura Clawson, Daily Kos

Low teacher pay is on the way to becoming a crisis, as that and other attacks on the profession make teaching a less appealing career for young people. 

..In Arizona for the last 2 plus decades, we have allowed our state GOP dominated legislature to underfund all forms of “public” education, while gifting get-out-of-jail free cards to “charter $chools”…

…Moreover we allow our governors to champion for-profit private pri$on, with guaranteed income, while using every tool available, with generous $upport from $elected interest groups to defeat all attempts at eliminating our current punitive and archaic drug laws, especially those respecting marijuana…

Which, if eliminated could potentially reduce our current prison population by more than 20%…

But, reducing our prison population would be a handicap to those free enterprise capitalistic businesses employing at “slave” labor rates, prisoners.

And moreover, keeping our prisons full allows behind the scene experimentation, without disclosure, of all forms of mental, emotional, social, testing and scheming…    Such as, what is the lowest forms of food can be served without seriously endangering the many, if a few suffer, so what, the goal is to keep costs at bare bone minimum…

…And certainly, in Arizona, we do not want anyone, i.e. meaning you and me, to have full disclosure nor transparency on how any “labeled” alien is treated, whether male, female or child… 

…I wonder, if Arizona citizens are aware of how our so-called criminal justice system can be manipulated causing you or me to be incarcerated…???

…Think I am joking … do your own research…

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