Has the average Arizona citizen benefitted

clip_image002Has the average Arizona citizen benefitted…???

What the Republicans Have Done….


Posted on September 12, 2018 by David Gordon



Recently on YouTube, I happened by a scene from one of the all-time great comedies Monty Python’s “Life of Brian.” While not as good as “The Holy Grail,” there are many funny moments.

The scene which inspired this piece (link below) is when the Judean revolutionaries ask “What have the Romans Ever Done for Us?” The gathering then brought up the many contributions the Romans did make to the Judean Society. It is a very funny scene.

With that in mind, it came to mind to write down what have the Republicans done to us at the State and Federal Level over the last 30 years. They have:

* Increased our national debt from one trillion to over $20 trillion in less than 40 years (It took a little over 200 years to get up to the first trillion) by promoting the tried and failed doctrine of trickle-down economics coupled with ill-advised increased defense spending on systems that do not meet the threats of the 21st Century. The Governor of Arizona and his allies in the legislature still cling to this philosophy despite its failure on a national and state basis (think Kansas).


* Widened the inequality between the rich and the poor while squeezing the middle class. Look at all the social and economic justice indicators for Arizona. We are well below the national average in areas like education, health care, and child care. We are at the bottom in the Southwest region with all the blue states beating us in virtually every category.


* Expanded the ranks of the medically uninsured.

* Passed tax cuts that have not been paid for while ignoring funding education, environmental protection, feeding the hungry, and infrastructure. Look at Arizona where, with a balanced budget requirement, tax cuts for corporations and the rich have been a perennial favorite among Republican legislators while programs favoring education (except for the Koch Learning Centers), infrastructure, and childcare/protection have been starved.


* Obstructed measures on infrastructure, health care reform, and supreme court/lower court nominations from a President that was elected by the popular vote as well as the Electoral College. In Arizona, our Governor packed the Supreme Court with like-minded Conservatives who threw out the Invest in Ed and Outlaw Dirty Money Initiatives.


* Started ill-planned wars that have not ended in the Middle East. In Arizona, we have legislators like Mark Finchem that have used these wars as a fear-mongering tactic by falsely claiming ISIS forces are hiding in the Mexican deserts waiting for the order to attack.


* Ignored facts about what will be best for the people and the science of climate change and environmental protection. In Arizona, look at the opposition from Republican and Reactionary Conservative elements to Proposition 127, The Clean Energy and Healthy Arizona Initiative


* Made it easy for Dark Money Interests to create an oligarchical system in this country. Again Arizona is a noteworthy test case where Republican Legislators led by J.D. Mesnard, Vince Leach, John Kavanagh, John Allen, Nancy Barto, Steve Yarbrough, and Heather Carter have stymied Democratic efforts by the citizens of Tempe to have campaign donations fully disclosed.


* Appointed reactionary judges who want to go back to a time before voting rights, marriage rights, and a Woman’s Right to Choose was the law of the land. Again, Governor Ducey has stacked the court with like-minded Conservatives that have held back voter-backed initiatives.


* Enabled Nazis and White Supremacists to come out of their gutters and run in the Republican Party (Obama’s comment on this in his 9/7/18 speech was priceless.) In Arizona, our Governor has taken pictures with White Supremacists. Either he knew what he was doing and that should disqualify him for reelection or he was stupid or that should disqualify him too. We have a Republican named Don Stringer who won his primary despite saying that “there are not enough white kids to go around” when discussing public education.


So when someone says look what the Republican Party has done for the country, say yeah and repeat all these points. People need to get out and vote in larger numbers and margins than before. The soul of our nation and all the social justice, environmental, and economic progress over the last century is at stake and we have to stand up and fight for all of it. Like former President Obama said in his speech on 9/7/18: “Do not wait for the Messiah…… It is up to you.”






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