just might be harbinger of positive change for America

…This just might be harbinger of positive change for America…

After enabling GOP control for years, IDC Democrats get crushed in New York state Senate primaries


Stephen Wolf

Daily Kos Staff

Thursday September 13, 2018 · 7:56 PM PDT


In Thursday’s primaries, the turncoat “Democrats” of the Independent Democratic Conference, who have handed Republicans control of New York’s state Senate for years, are getting utterly demolished as primary voters reject them in favor of progressive challengers who believe in the radical notion that a state as blue as New York should actually be run by Democrats.

The carnage looks to be thorough, including the biggest race of them all:

·       Alessandra Biaggi has beaten Jeff Klein—the leader of the junta—55-45

·       Jessica Ramos has beaten Jose Peralta 55-45

·       John Liu has beaten Tony Avella 53-47

·       Rachel May has beaten David Valesky 52-48

·       Robert Jackson has beaten Marisol Alcantara 56-38

·       Zellnor Myrie has beaten Jesse Hamilton 55-45

And only two of the remaining IDC members survived:

·       David Carlucci has beaten Julie Goldberg 55-45

·       Diane Savino has beaten Jasmine Robinson 67-21

Thanks to Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s craven decision to sign an extreme GOP gerrymander at the start of the decade, these IDC members were able to prop up Republican leadership even when Team Blue narrowly won nominal majorities in both 2012 and 2016—despite the terrible map. With the support of Cuomo and the IDC, the Republican Senate has blocked a slew of progressive policies, but while Cuomo easily won renomination, the near-total defeat of his IDC paves the way for mainstream Democrats to finally take charge of New York’s government and enact the progressive agenda the state deserves.

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