their original mission statement objective to “serve & protect” us is not their paramount role

…Define and label WATER as you see fit … but … you just might choose to objectively review and analyze weather which has influenced the amount of actual water available to ALL those dependent upon the Colorado River…

…At some point “we” might become aware the mandates sanctioned authorized by any governmental water regulatory agency are doomed to failure …unless… they obtain our authentic “buy-in” … which requires government to make time to involve us, educate us, and honestly answer our questions…

…It is the honesty part which troubles government regulators as the evolution of any government agency is to do and say whatever is required to “protect” the agency … their original mission statement objective to “serve & protect” us is not their paramount role…




Crisis at Lake Powell Looms Large as Long-Term Drought Reaches Upstream

Water shortages at Lake Mead have drawn all the attention in recent years. Now water rationing has reached far into the Colorado River’s snowy headwaters, prompting concern about the long-term operation of Lake Powell.




For Colorado Candidates, New Water Storage a Key Political Identifier

Size matters when the political debate turns to water storage in Colorado. Some candidates want as much as possible, some are only OK with small reservoirs. Either way, more Front Range water diversions are a touchy subject.




Can We Operate the Colorado River Differently Amid Climate Change?

It will be challenging to adapt to changing precipitation and snowmelt patterns in the vital Colorado River watershed. Jack Schmidt at Utah State University is launching a project that may provide some answers.

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